Healing Hound
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Ancient Wisdom. Modern Wellness: The Healing Hound offers a complete line of organic, aromatic, canine care products. Everything we make, from shampoo to deodorizer to paw wax, is formulated from a uniquely holistic perspective—because we recognize the connection between a dog’s physical health and emotional well-being. 

Based in Ayurveda, we carefully select ingredients to align your dog’s grooming needs to their emotional needs—like calming scents to ease anxiety, energizing scents to help an older dog get some pep in their step, and mellowing scents for aggressive behavior. We’re excited to bring our product line to you. Products fit for people, but made for dogs.

"George is a big fan and loves his paw wax! We can't keep enough of it in the house"

— Jennifer Watson, George's Co-pilot"