Vember Conner studied and certified under world renowned Ayurveda Physician, Vaidya (Dr.) Naina Marballi (Ayurvedacharya). She has been formulating restorative treatments for people and animals for years. Vember is also a 13 year companion to a sweet Jindo mix named Lulu—the inspiration for the kinds of products she is proud to be creating. Vember founded The Healing Hound in 2016.



We combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with plant-based ingredients to create formulations that enhances the overall health and wellness of dogs, and their parents.



We engage mindfulness as we bring all our products and educational experiences to life. We keep the coming generations in mind as we develop and produce all our formulations, packaging and operations. We also employ a four bottom line to ensure that pets, people, planet and profit are all equally considered as we manage our business.



We center the mind, body and spirit of everyone we touch through our offerings and charitable efforts to support dogs in need. We help our clients step back into joy and balance with themselves, all beings and our planet -- to experience greater ease and unity, and inspire them to pay it forward to the rest of their community.


- Vember & Lu, 2017.

- Vember & Lu, 2017.